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Agrari & Elia Beach

Agrari Beach

Agrari beach is a beautiful beach on the island, most isolated, for those who do not love the crowds. The spectacular, crystal-clear waters will compensate for the difficult journey, the long, sandy beach is divided into left and right hand and has umbrellas, sunbeds, water sports, and a beach tavern.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach is the largest beach in the chain of beaches on the south coast of Mykonos island. Although more and more people seem to find it nowadays, and the relaxed atmosphere on Elia Beach is slowly fading away. Nevertheless the Beach is still less crowded than the noisy and packed Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, partly because it is much larger. The organized part of the beach has sun beds, umbrellas, waterbeds and various water sports (ski and jet-ski). It has a couple of restaurants and some major expensive hotels. On this part of the island of Mykonos there are also some beautiful private villas for rent.

Far end at the right side of Elia beach (when facing the sea from the car park) is the Gay section. Just head for the rainbow flag and you will eventually come to the gay beach at the extreme right end. At this part of the beach clothing is optional, but very mixed with about 50% of people choosing to remain in their swimsuits. This causes no problems and everyone is just very relaxed and in the holiday mood. Elia is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with mixed crowd, white sand, easy access and a good word to describe it would be «Gay friendly».